Guarantee conditions of the tires by manufacturers:


1. The tires we sell hold a 2 year producer/manufacturer guarantee.


2. Guarantee covers both the defects or an imperfection of a good’s material and manufacturing.


3. The basis for a guarantee is the invoice sent via e-mail.


4. The guarantee does not encompass in itself:


  • tires which are used over the attrition border of the pattern
  • injuries which have been caused because of the road conditions
  • injuries which have been caused because of casualty (accident, fire etc)
  • injuries which have been caused because of improper utilization of tires (low pressure in the tires, unbalanced tires, defective absorbers, excessive load of a car, using chains, nailing, racing, off-road etc.)
  • refurbished and recap tires
  • injuries which have been caused intentionally


5. In order to obtain a guarantee, the customer will send a copy of the bill together with the description of the defect to e-mail info@savirehvid.ee.


6. Your problem will be looked over in a couple of working days and You will be contacted in order to specify the transportation opportunities of the good in order to reach us.


7.  In depth expertise will be done for a good with a defect.


8.  If the expertise proves the defects of material or production, the tire will be amended, replaced with a new one or compensated.


9.  In the case of money compensation, we apply the following formula: SALE PRICE x RESIDUE OF DEPTH mm/ PRIMAL DEPTH mm = SUM OF COMPENSATION


10.  The sum of compensation will be paid to Your account in 14 days.


11.  In the case of disagreement with the results of expertise, the problematic good is addressed to an unaligned expertise. In the case of the same result, customer will cover the costs of expertise. Expertise time will be in this case maximally of 3 months.


12.  In the case of eliminating guarantee, Savirehvid OÜ has the right to submit a bill to the customer concerning:


  • the shipping costs to us and back to the client of the defected product
  • the costs of an unaligned expertise and shipping costs


13. We do not incur a responsibility to compensate the costs which accompany exchange of the guaranteed good.

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